The Yoga Room
Independent Yoga Studio with a range of classes
Carriage Way 4, Deptford Market Yard

The Studio:

The Yoga Room is a modern Yoga studio offering a broad range of classes with some of the best teachers in London. They offer something for everyone and will help you make the most out of your health, wellness and wellbeing by welcoming you into an accessible, relaxed and friendly environment.

Take a moment to just be, a moment to stop and listen. Soon you’ll begin to enjoy the mental and physical benefits of movement and meditation in the studio and in day-to-day life, both on and off the mat.

Visit their website, get yourself booked into a class and enjoy the wonderful world of yoga with The Yoga Room. 


You can find The Yoga Room along the carriageway in Deptford Market yard above the arches.

It is easily accessible by using the station stairs or following the ramp


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