Planet Wax
Record Shop & Cutting House
Sun - Mon Resting; Tue - Sat 11am - 7pm (Fri 8pm when live DJ)
Planet Wax (1800 Dubplate Ltd) Arch 3, Deptford Market Yard, London, SE8 4BX


Planet Wax is the finest underground dance music Record shop, with dubplate studio out the back, situated in Deptford Market Yard. 

It is South East London’s no.1 spot for Dance Music culture. Pay them a visit in their arch and find the latest Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Grime, Hardcore, House, Jungle, Techno releases as they come out.

They also have the option to order online:


Chris is a creative / entrepreneur, born and bred in London, with a huge love for music, vinyl & design. Chris has been successfully running his label Diffrent music for the last 10 years, putting out quality experimental electronic bass music. This has involved him creating and getting physical products such as vinyl, CDs and merchandise to market whilst also managing and A&Ring the future artists of bass music culture.

Chris is also co-founder of Clashmouth: The Drum & Bass Market which is held every six months at House of Vans London.

Alongside his own imprint, Chris has worked for DJ Mag as part of the editorial / design team, Hospital Records / Med School Music as a label manager and A&R.

As well as doing all of the above Chris has been an active DJ/Producer under the name Dexta since 2009, with releases on labels such as Dispatch, Dope Plates, Flexout Audio, Hospital Records, None60 and his own label Diffrent Music.

Lewis is a vinyl enthusiast / creative, originally from Essex, with experience in sound design and audio engineering.

He has spent the last seven years working in music distribution for one of the largest independent music distributors in the UK, SRD. With a Focus on selling dance music records into the UK's top independent dance music specialists. Dance music as a whole is something he is very passionate about and is shown in his dedication to the vinyl format and the wide range of styles in his own record collection.

Lewis, also known as Sicknote has been DJing since 2001 and produced records for labels such as Skeleton, Dope Plates, MJAZZ, Addictive Behaviour, In-Reach & Silent Force. He is responsible for drum & bass labels such as Goldman Records, PAWS and, more recently, Stereocilia.

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